As if we didn’t have enough downright unusual Nokia rumors floating around today, with word that the Lumia 929 might forgo the number-based naming strategy we know and love and could arrive simply as the Lumia Icon, now we’re hearing that a very promising device may have hit a roadblock, upon the suggestion that Nokia’s canceled its plans for an 8.3-inch tablet.

This was the model we’ve been following as codename Illusionist, which for quite a while we just heard about as a smaller slate than the 2520, with a screen measuring somewhere in the eight-inch-range. Then just last week we saw some evidence that not only suggested that work was moving forward on the project, but gave us a hard 8.3-inch measurement for the tablet’s screen, and also revealed a 1080p resolution for it.

Despite all that, My Nokia Blog is putting a lot of faith in a claim by a “reliable source close to Nokia” that whatever work was being made towards the release of Illusionist has ground to a halt, with word coming from executives on-high to cancel the tablet.

Why would they want to kill it off? Without more details, we really can’t say; maybe the company wants to wait and see how the 2520 does over the holiday season, or perhaps Microsoft’s influence has played a role in the decision – assuming this rumor’s accurate, that is. Based on how high-end this guy was sounding, though, we really hope this claim misses the mark.

Source: My Nokia Blog

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