Nokia C7 Revealed, Reviewed Prior to Announcement

Once again, Eldar Murtazin over at mobile-review has posted an entire review of a Nokia smartphone before the company has even had a chance to announce it — in this case, it’s the Symbian^3-powered C7. We’d previously seen the C7 pass through the FCC, although at that point no details about the model were known.

Now, of course, all the C7’s beans have been spilled: like the top-of-the-line N8, this handset sports a 680MHz processor, 3.5-inch nHD (640 x 360) AMOLED display, 256MB of RAM, and a 1200mAh battery. But unlike the higher-end N8, the C7 offers up “just” an eight-megapixel camera, 8GB of internal memory, and mostly-plastic body (as opposed to its aluminum-clad sibling).

According to Murtazin, the C7 should hit Europe in either October or November for about 350 euros (about $446), though that price is apparently more of an educated guess than hard data. With MeeGo and Symbian^4 on the horizon, we kind of wonder how well this current crop of ^3-powered devices is going to fare.

(via: GSMArena and mobile-review)

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