Nokia has allegedly hidden an NFC chip inside the Nokia C7 handset, according to a report by Reg Hardware. The chip will need to be enabled via a software update if it is to be used in the future.

NFC is an acronym for “Near Field Communication”, which is a new short-range wireless communication technology. NFC can be used by cellphones to enable payments or to transfer information. Two NFC enabled devices need to be within four centimeters of each other to communicate and a simple movement or touch can enable it.

We have already seen that Nokia are working on various uses for the technology, one of which is Nokia Swipe. Swipe — not yet officially announced — provides both payment and transaction confirmation, as well as allowing the handset to deliver reminders about a product’s return policy.

Nokia will apparently announce soon what it plans to do with this capability in the C7.

Source: Reg Hardware

Via: MyNokiaBlog

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