Mythical Nokia C1 Android phone rendered again, this time with Windows also

Before we even start, a huge disclaimer. The legitimacy of the above image cannot be verified right now, and given the numerous false alarms from the past, we’re inclined to treat it as yet another fan-made concept, based on nothing but wishful thinking.

At the same time, the Weibo tipster that’s supplied the render is not a name instantly associated with prior product leaks, and although Nokia has gone on record more than once to confirm its smartphone comeback plans, a “C1” commercial release in the next ten months or so is prohibited under the terms of the 2014 Microsoft agreement.

All that said, and considering holidays are a time of miracles, we’ll allow ourselves to dream with our eyes open for a minute, and pretend the handheld pictured here is the real deal. Quite the looker by mid-range standards (we don’t expect Nokia to go after iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S-series devices anytime soon), the so-called C1 surprises the most by apparently running both Android and Windows 10 in prototype form.

Not simultaneously, of course, though even the rollout of two alternative versions sounds like a long shot. Once again, an enthusiast’s fanciful vision of the not-so-near future. Details such as button placement and uncharacteristically slim bezels also add fuel to the skepticism fire, but it’s good to keep in mind Nokia might have Foxconn or Meizu in its corner for late 2016 hardware-manufacturing efforts, and so, the design could share very few similarities with past Lumias.

Still, the Nokia C1 remains a distant and unlikely concoction, especially powered by Win 10.

Source: Weibo
Via: NokiaPowerUser

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