Nokia officially ‘looks forward’ to a 2017 ‘brand return to smartphones’

With the holiday shopping season effectively underway, an onslaught of interesting recent high and low-end smartphone announcements from all over the world, and a troubling industry stagnation trend, we kinda-sorta already figured Nokia’s comeback would be adjourned until next year.

Of course, the sleeping Finnish tech giant (or whatever’s left of a former corporate behemoth) has been sending more mixed signals than a shy but lustful teenager in the past few months, so it’s nice to finally put speculation to rest.

For the time being, that is, because Nokia has merely confirmed its “brand’s return to smartphones” will happen in 2017, alongside “expanded VR leadership”, “Digital Health brand transition”, and “patent licensing expansion in mobile, automotive and consumer electronics.”

There’s still no specific, official timeline to share, no device names, feature lists or even a ballpark figure of models in the pipeline. One? Two? More? Just high-enders or mid-rangers too? How about our assumption that the company’s CEO is headed for Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress in February to at least tease a new Nokia-labeled, HMD-made phone?

All shall be revealed in due time, including the fate of that oft-rumored jumbo-sized “D1C” tablet, which Nokia doesn’t appear to acknowledge in any way as part of its latest business outlook.

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