On October 2 Nokia announced the Belle Feature Pack 2 update for the 808 PureView and other Nokia Belle-powered devices like the Nokia 603, Nokia 700 and Nokia 701. After some users reported issues while updating Nokia has put the refresh on hold but is available again, with problems hopefully being fixed.

For the 808 PureView, it finally brings a Gallery Grid view when you have the phone in landscape, access to more functions when you open your images from the Gallery widget on your home screen, more information about your images, such as image resolution, ISO value, white balance setting, file size, location, the ability to select and delete multiple photos in Gallery Grid, a new reset button in Creative mode to change all the settings back to default with a single touch and some more.

Also in the package are an updated browser with enhanced HTML5 support, a new and significantly faster keyboard as well as Nokia Car Mode with easy access to phone key features when you’re driving.

Owners of the Nokia 603, 700, and 701 will also benefit from the refresh. They will not get all the 808 PureView specific changes but will benefit from the faster browser as well as the Car Mode.

We have successfully applied Feature Pack 2 to our 808 PureView and immediately after restart we found updates for Microsoft Apps, Social as well as Nokia Music.

If you have one of the aforementioned devices you can check for the update’s existence either on your phone or using the Nokia Ovi PC suite.

Source: Nokia

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