Nokia’s got a couple buns in the oven – and by “buns” we mean Windows Phone handsets, and by oven we mean, well, assembly line, we guess. But no matter how we’re referring to them, phones like the Lumia 630/635 and Lumia 930 have just been itching to go public. Earlier we heard that Nokia might have its eye on an April 19 launch event, but just last week we picked up on a new rumor suggesting that the phones could debut quite a bit sooner, and might be unveiled right at the start of the month, on April 2. Sure enough, today Nokia starts sending out invitations to just such an April 2 event.

While Nokia isn’t out-and-saying that new hardware is on the agenda, all that “more Lumia” business makes it pretty hard to believe that we won’t get at least some new devices. Models like Goldfinger may still need some time to ripen, but the 930 – and especially the 630 – seem ready to go.

Nokia’s event is scheduled for late in the day on April 2, leading us to believe that Microsoft will make its own big Windows Phone 8.1 announcement a few hours earlier (remember, Microsoft’s Build conference also begins on April 2), paving the way for these 8.1-running smartphones.

Source: Nokia
Via: WPCentral

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