With Nokia World nearly upon us, we just took a look at what new hardware we might hope to see premiered. We’ve been hearing about the company’s plans for Windows Phone 7 for months, and having been keeping up with the rumors and leaks, we have a good idea of at least some of what we can be expecting. There’s always room for surprises, though, and one such treat might be the Nokia 900, just revealed through a leaked spec sheet.

Don’t let Nokia’s numbering system confuse you: this is no N9 nor N900. Instead, the 900 is supposed to be a Windows Phone handset, running Mango on a 1.4GHz Snapdragon chip. According to the spec sheet, it will have a gigabyte of RAM, eight-megapixel camera, and be available in either 16GB or 32GB configurations. Microsoft has talked about NFC support coming to Windows Phone 7 in next year’s models, and here the Nokia 900 claims to include just such a feature.

Though we can’t say just where the sheet in this image originated, it seems to be part of a multi-page, professional publication, suggesting we’re not looking at just a fan rendering. We can’t say for sure if the 900 will show at Nokia World, but we’re likely to be hearing about this model again.

Update: Our readers point out the supposed 900’s similarity to earlier fan mock-ups. Lame. If this really is a fake, someone is spending way too much time on these things.

Source: The Nokia Blog

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