Penta-lens Nokia

We’ve heard a lot recently about HMD’s efforts for the Nokia 9 PureView penta-lens smartphone. It really needs no introduction, if you’re even remotely exposed to mobile tech news. However, despite the most recent rumor — talking about a pre-MWC announcement — it might be unveiled at MWC 2019, as we initially suggested, Barcelona being basically Nokia’s home turf.

Juho Sarvikas, HMD Global’s Chief Product Officer took it to Twitter to let everyone know that we need to tune into their “showdown” on the 24th of February. It’s no mistake other events have been planned for the same date, but it’s not certain what HMD will unveil. We’d hope to finally see the Nokia 9 PureView become official, but there could be other candidates as well, like the Nokia 8.1 Plus. We all remember the Nokia 808 PureView announcement from 2012

We’ll be there to tell you all about it, in case the rumor mill doesn’t spit more information out until then.

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