Nokia 8 Sirocco could be the fancy name of HMD’s upcoming 5.5-inch OLED flagship

HMD Global has done many things right since entering the mobile phone-manufacturing business to revive the Nokia brand, excelling in the software support department, as well as making waves with respectable hardware at very reasonable price points.

But one of HMD’s more surprising hits has been the modest new Nokia 3310 feature phone, which has already spawned a 3G-enabled variant, with a 4G LTE-capable model also recently introduced in China ahead of a likely global expansion at MWC 2018.

Upper mid-range Nokia 7 Plus and ultra-low-end Nokia 1 smartphones could see daylight in Barcelona later this month as well, alongside a freshly revealed Nokia 8 Sirocco. For those who were perhaps not interested in the industry over a decade ago, Sirocco was a fancy appendix attached back in 2006 to the already luxury Nokia 8800 slider released a year earlier.

There was even a 24-carat gold plated version of the 8800 Sirocco sold for over $2,000 in 2007, and something tells us this extravagant lineup somehow developed a following. Otherwise, HMD’s upcoming nostalgia play doesn’t make a lot of sense.

It remains to be seen just how many people remember the Mediterranean wind-inspired label, and what kind of specifications this Nokia 8 Sirocco will bring to the table. Revealed by Thailand’s Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications, aka the local FCC, the provocative name apparently designates a handset also known as TA-1005.

Previously believed to correlate with a flagship Nokia 9, aka Avatar, that model number came with a 5.5-inch OLED screen, Snapdragon 835 processor, 12 + 13MP dual camera setup, 5MP front shooter, 3250 mAh battery, and 128GB internal storage to score FCC approval in the US.

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