HMD Global only released five Nokia-branded smartphones in its exceptional first year on the market, making it pretty easy to understand where each one stood in comparison with the others on the general totem pole.

But things are starting to get a little confusing with the Nokia 6 (2018), oft-rumored 7 Plus (or 7+), that 8 Sirocco that may or may not be real, and a newly speculated Nokia 8 Pro.

This is reportedly HMD’s H2 2018 flagship smartphone, and it could be launched several months after the Nokia 8 Sirocco that’s believed to have taken the 9’s place. Specifically, sometime in August or September, at which point the Snapdragon 845 processor expected to reside under the 8 Pro’s hood might no longer feel extremely special.

Obviously, none of that is final, official information, but it does come from a source characterized as “trusted” by NokiaPowerUser. If it pans out, the Nokia 8 Pro retail name probably means there’s no Nokia 10 in the pipeline. At least not this year.

By far the most exciting part of today’s report is a so-called “Penta-lens” camera module that the Nokia 8 Pro could use to shine among a crowd of dual and tri-camera flagships from industry rivals and veterans.

Penta, of course, is a Greek numeral prefix meaning “five”, and yes, as crazy as it sounds, “one of the 2018 Nokia flagships” may feature a state-of-the-art camera setup with five lenses and some sort of rotating zoom tech powered by Zeiss. It’s probably wise to keep your skeptical hat on for that particular prediction. In fact, let’s not take anything about this Nokia 8 Pro for granted until after HMD’s MWC 2018 event. Who knows, maybe the 9 is real after all.

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