Nokia 8 has Android Oreo beta update ‘maturing nicely’, official release could be close by

With all of Google’s eligible Pixel and Nexus devices officially upgraded to the newest, sweetest Android flavor, though not without problems, the race is on for which third-party smartphone manufacturer can bring Oreos to a recent flagship first.

In addition to usual suspects LG or Motorola, as well as early beta tester Samsung, you have to take newcomer HMD Global into consideration here, based on the Finnish company’s impressive security patch work.

All four Nokia-branded smartphones released thus far this year run “pure” Android 7.1.1 Nougat, making them very strong candidates for a quick jump to OS build 8.0. It almost goes without saying that the high-end 8 will be first in line for over-the-air Oreo goodies, a fact essentially confirmed by HMD Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas on Twitter this past Saturday.

Sarvikas claims Android Oreo is already “maturing nicely on #Nokia8”, though its delivery will obviously not take place until everything is “perfect.” And while it’s certainly encouraging to see the exec’s personal Nokia 8 one small step away from the installation of an Oreo beta build, this is definitely short of perfection. Just look at that cringey “versioin” typo.

Also, 1.3GB feels hefty for a “pure” Android update, so it’s probably safe to assume HMD still has quite a bit of tidying up to do. Nonetheless, if this rolls out in a month or so, LG, Motorola and Samsung could all be left playing catch up. Let’s hope the Nokia 8 expands to China and the US too by then.

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