Nokia 5 beats Google’s Pixel and Nexus devices to the September security update punch

There are still very few third-party Android device manufacturers that can commit to and actually deliver the monthly security updates so badly needed to fight today’s countless mobile and online dangers.

Only one OEM frequently goes a step further in its stellar software support efforts, not just rolling out said essential updates in a timely fashion, but occasionally beating Google itself to the punch as well.

It looks like the super-early patching of Nokia 6’s security for July was hardly a one-off, with the same rare situation repeating itself as we speak as far as the lower-end Nokia 5 phone is concerned.

Believe it or not, the modest 5.2-incher released a few months ago running Android 7.1.1 Nougat is getting a Google Security Patch bundle dated September 2017 ahead of the search giant’s own Pixels and Nexuses.

It obviously can’t be long now until Big G follows HMD’s suit, adding around 142MB of protection software to stock Android-powered handsets new and old. But it’s still impressive how fast things are moving for Nokia-branded gear, also taking into consideration that the latest Android Security Bulletin hasn’t even been published on the official Android Open Source Project website.

Keep up the good work, HMD, and maybe take the global availability of your products as seriously as this constant fight against malware. If you do that, the restoration of Nokia’s fame will become a simple matter of time.

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