Nokia 5 follows 8 on Android Oreo public beta train, Nokia 6 up next ‘soon’

You can blame many companies for the sorry state of Android affairs, starting with Google and most veteran smartphone manufacturers, but industry rookie HMD Global has certainly done its part to help end or at least reduce software fragmentation.

The world’s exclusive Nokia license holder for both smart and dumb phones has already released an over-the-air Oreo update for the 8-owning masses, following a month or so of public beta tests.

The time has quickly come for the Finnish company’s official beta labs to reopen their doors and accept all Nokia 5 users keen to preview Android 8.0 Oreo goodies in exchange for providing feedback and identifying bugs.

The slightly higher-end Nokia 6 is slated to get its own pre-release version of platform build O “soon” enough, most likely followed by the entry-level Nokia 3 further down the line.

Right now, you can probably look forward to finished, fully polished UI enhancements, general performance improvements and security patches ready to hit the Nokia 5 OTA around the world in mere weeks.

That could mean a modest 5.2-incher with 720p screen resolution, 2GB RAM and a Snapdragon 430 processor will be able to run Google’s latest major OS release ahead of several super-high-end models from market-leading OEMs. In the meantime, of course, HMD is also preparing a number of new smartphones, all of which are expected to come powered by Oreo (possibly, 8.1) out the box.

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