‘Modern’ reimagining of classic Nokia 3310 gets official launch dates in UK, Germany and more

Both authorized and unauthorized third-party retailers across the old continent have basically tried to guess the release dates and exact regional pricing of Nokia’s mobile phone comeback efforts lately. Confusion has widely ensued, especially as HMD Global never expected “astonishing” demand for a 2G-limited rebooted 3310.

Finally, there’s something official and precise to report today, although we wouldn’t rule out last-minute changes or delays. At least for the time being, that nostalgia-inducing refreshed Nokia 3310 is slated for a UK commercial debut on May 24, at a recommended price of £49.99 (around $65) unlocked.

Just 48 hours later, the colorful “dumb” phone should expand to Germany, followed by the Netherlands and Belgium on June 5, which sounds… ambitious. A little too ambitious, perhaps. All three EU states will get the Snake-playing handheld at €59.99, also converting to roughly 65 US dollars.

Unfortunately, we’re still unsure if HMD plans to eventually add 3G connectivity to the 2017 edition of the unbreakable Nokia 3310, a compulsory condition for proper stateside support and basic global functionality. Meanwhile, something tells us the Android-powered 3, 5 and 6 smartphones need at least another month to get ready for their own actual launches.

Oh, and in case you’ve been keeping an eye on Clove, where 3310 pre-orders have mysteriously stopped, the British e-tailer tells us “the facility to buy/order will be back” up within “the next couple of days.” Due to super-strong demand however, you shouldn’t expect to receive the entry-level device before “mid-June.”

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