Nokia 3310 3G goes up for US pre-orders at Best Buy, starts shipping in select European markets

First released way back in 2000, and discontinued five years later after selling more than 125 million units worldwide, the iconic “dumb” Nokia 3310 phone was finally rebooted by HMD Global at the beginning of this year.

With a new, playful but slightly less robust design, very rudimentary specifications, an ultra-low price point and Snake support in glorious color, the “modern classic” garnered so much attention that its Finnish-based manufacturers decided to already future-proof it.

Perhaps more importantly, the revised, 3G-enabled Nokia 3310 can now be used around the world, including in markets where 2G connectivity is basically extinct.

If you’re feeling nostalgic about the pre-smartphone era, or you simply want something basic and straightforward that can make and receive voice calls without hugging a wall every few hours, the Nokia 3310 3G is up for grabs stateside, as well as across a number of leading European territories.

Best Buy can only take pre-orders for the time being in the US, nonetheless committing to relatively swift delivery. Namely, the retailer lists October 29 as the unlocked handset’s local release date, in your choice of four paint jobs: azure, charcoal, warm red, or yellow.

At $59.99, this is far from prohibitively priced, working on GSM networks like AT&T and T-Mobile.

Meanwhile, over in the UK, Clove has the “warm red” device in stock, with the other three color options arriving on Wednesday, October 25, whereas Carphone Warehouse is fresh out of red inventory, promising to ship the azure, charcoal and yellow models immediately.

Both British sellers want £60 for a SIM-free Nokia 3310 3G, a price tag that converts to €69.99 in Germany.

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