Nokia 3310 (2017) officially launches this week in India at the equivalent of $50

The global excitement over HMD’s “modern reimagining” of the classic Nokia 3310 that almost felt like a prank at first has escalated very quickly, with the 2G-limited dumb phone ironically stealing the thunder of the much smarter 3, 5 and 6 Android handsets even in developed markets across the old continent.

But we’re guessing the Nokia 3310 (2017) was always meant to primarily cater to emerging countries, which is why an official rollout in India ahead of the UK or Germany makes perfect sense.

It’s also easy to understand why HMD Global’s regional branch will be focusing on offline sales starting this Thursday, May 18, though depending on supply and demand, you have to figure online availability is a possibility as well.

For the time being, you’ll want to seek a nearby authorized physical retailer right away if you’re feeling nostalgic and have 3,310 rupees to spare. That’s around $50, which sounds more than fair, what with a colorful, retro design, long battery life, tiny non-touch panel and… FM radio in tow.

Technically, you should be able to choose from a grand total of four eye-catching coats of paint, including glossy Warm Red and Yellow and matte Dark Blue and Grey, but there’s no telling just how well-equipped HMD is to handle “astonishing” demand in each of those hues. Once again, it’s wise to hurry, and stop questioning the 2017 utility of a rudimentary feature phone. It can play Snake, remember? In glorious color!

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