Entry-level Nokia 3 smartphone also has its full spec sheet divulged

HMD Global is already having trouble making good on its promises of releasing a “wide” Nokia-branded smartphone portfolio with a global focus off the bat, but the hotly demanded China-only 6 should definitely spread its wings before long, together with lower-end 3 and 5 Android models, as well as a surprise Nokia 3310 dumb “homage.”

Now, we know you’re dying to check out that modern take on the legendary 3310 in the flesh, but unfortunately, all we can give you today is rumored Nokia 3 specifications. While they come from a rock-solid source and make a lot of sense, they’re also weirdly similar to the Nokia 5’s speculated list of features.

We’re talking identical 5.2-inch or so 720p screens, the same 2GB RAM count, 16GB internal storage space, and 12 or 13MP rear-facing cameras. Both ultra-affordable devices are expected to run Android 7.0 Nougat out the box too, but the Nokia 3 may downgrade the octa-core Snapdragon 430 processor inside the 5 and 6 to a quad 425 silicon, with an Adreno 308 GPU in tow replacing the 505.

It’s also possible the Nokia 5 will retain the 6’s respectable 8MP selfie shooter, with the 3 settling for a 5MP unit, and no word on battery capacity differences. We do know the entry-level smartphone is supposed to cost €149 on the old continent starting March or April, compared to €199 and €249 respectively for the 5 and 6.

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