Nokia 2 goes official with crazy low price point, decent design, 2-day battery life

What comes after the Nokia 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8? Unfortunately for Android power users nostalgic about an era of total mobile industry domination by the Finnish brand, not the Nokia 9.

Not yet, at least, with HMD Global once again focused on the low-end market segment, as well as bridging the gap between “dumb” and smartphones. Now, the Nokia 2 may not have Snake pre-installed, but it does run a “pure, secure and up-to-date” Android 7.1.1 Nougat OS, with an Oreo update promise that’s extremely rare in the lightweight, sub-$200 division.

Mind you, the Nokia 2 isn’t going to cost $199 or $149, but rather a “global average” of €99, which will most likely convert into exactly $99 stateside. Due out around the world starting in mid-November, the 5-incher doesn’t look so hot… if you compare it with today’s Android flagships.

The screen bezels are about as thick as you’d expect from an entry-level handset, but in an unusual turn of events, the Nokia 2 “brings together crafted aluminum, Corning Gorilla Glass and sculpted polycarbonate for high durability with a sleek, modern design.” In translation, you only get a metal profile, combined with a good old fashioned plastic rear cover.

Still, this is a decidedly more elegant slab than your typical $99 device, especially with its frame painted copper and a black back. The other two options are an all-black version and a white-and-black combo, though the key selling point actually lies under the 2’s hood.

We’re talking a huge 4100 mAh battery, purportedly capable of keeping the 720p screen on for up to two days between charges. That wouldn’t be possible without a power-efficient quad-core Snapdragon 212 processor, which is unfortunately paired with a skimpy 1GB RAM.

The rest of the features are not great but they’re also not terrible, including 8 and 5MP cameras, 8GB internal storage, microSD support, optional dual SIM, 4G LTE connectivity, and IP52 drip protection.

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