As crazy as it sounds, the upcoming Nokia 2 could pair 1GB RAM with huge 4000mAh battery

While it was easy to overlook the apparent FCC authorization of the entry-level Nokia 2 early last month, checking the Commission’s paperwork again for specification clues may have randomly revealed the unannounced phone’s top selling point today.

HMD’s humblest and, presumably, cheapest Nokia-branded product yet has been widely tipped to pack a Snapdragon 212 processor and 1GB RAM. That sounds far from ideal, to say the least, for a 2017 smart device, regardless of recommended pricing.

It’s also safe to assume you’ll get a 720p screen here measuring no more than 5 inches in diagonal, as well as near-stock Android 7.1 Nougat running the software show, with a frequent security patch guarantee and strong Oreo update likelihood.

Back to that nugget of information discovered at the FCC however, road warriors should be ecstatic to hear the Nokia 2 is set to accommodate a 4000mAh battery under its otherwise modest hood.

Believe it or not, four thousand milliamp-hours is a full one thousand more than the respectable capacity of the mid-range Nokia 5 and 6’s juicers. Meanwhile, the Nokia 3 only packs a 2630mAh cell, upgraded to 3090 on the high-end 8. So, yeah, it looks like the meek, inexpensive Nokia 2 will beat the battery life of the brand’s new flagship. By a lot, supposedly, given the frugality of an SD212 SoC and small HD display.

Then again, this could be an innocent typo getting us excited about a pipe dream, which would be so sad.

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