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Finland’s HMD Global has been busy trying hard to expand its first three Nokia-branded smartphones around the world, probably failing to anticipate the incredible enthusiasm shown by budget-conscious mobile consumers from India to the US towards a middling Snapdragon 430 duo and an even humbler MediaTek-powered 5-incher. Not to mention the “dumb” 3310 blast from the past.

But sooner or later, the “new home of Nokia” also has to address growing demand from Android power users for a full-on flagship. Likely dubbed Nokia 9, this has been widely expected for quite some time now to pack Snapdragon 835 processing power, in combination with anywhere from 4 to 8GB.

The SoC information is again “confirmed” by trusted sources across both the English and Chinese-speaking interwebs today, following a relatively quiet period in terms of pertinent rumors.

The same insiders lend further credence to the prospective use of mid-range Snapdragon 660 and 630 chipsets on the Nokia 8 and 7 respectively, while the entry-level Nokia 2 is tipped to feature either a Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 silicon or unnamed MediaTek processor.

Unfortunately, there’s still no credible word on specific release dates, targeted markets broken down by model or retail pricing, which might just be the most important puzzle piece of them all. Naturally, the Nokia 7, 8 and especially 9 should cost significantly more than the popular 6, with at least one of the three impending devices likely to include Zeiss-enhanced dual cameras as a key selling point.

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