Changes are afoot for how iPhone users will listen to music, and between rumors that the iPhone 7 will ditch the usual analog headphone jack in favor of its Lightning port, or that Apple could introduce wireless “AirPods,” it’s really been looking like a big shift is right around the corner. Now a new analyst note attempts to get to the bottom of some of the tech that Apple’s likely to use on upcoming earbuds, and while we’re likely to see that move to Lightning happen with the iPhone 7, some of the more impressive changes could still be one more generation off.

The analysis looks to the possible role of Cirrus Logic tech in new EarPods – and specifically, that we could see the headphones pick up active noise cancellation, now considered quite the premium feature.

While the report concedes that the iPhone 7 will probably ship with Lightning-equipped EarPods, this proposed higher-end model with active noise cancellation probably wouldn’t be ready until next year, when it would ship with the iPhone 7.

Apple’s been facing a lot of pressure lately from competitors with more affordable smartphone hardware, so a move like this to package in some really attractive accessories could help out a little in reinforcing the iPhone’s value.

Source: Business Insider
Via: Cult of Mac

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