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No wireless charging on the HTC U12+? Too thick, too slick, not quick

By Jules Wang May 25, 2018, 9:37 pm

Some could forgive HTC for not including wireless charging technology back when the One series was all about that metal industrial design. But since the switch to the glassy “liquid surface” treatment on the U11 and, now, the U12+, the question begs asking: why no Qi?

The company told the press at its briefings that the phone, which is already 188 grams heavy and 8.7mm thick, would be just that much thicker and have to be heavier. Furthermore, contact accuracy and device slippage may not provide the optimal charge rate as promised or even a charge at all. And at up to 7.5 watts, HTC does not consider wireless charging “fast” by its standards.


All’s fair in love and war, though, as it has bundled a Quick Charge 3.0 power adapter with the Quick Charge 4.0 phone — leaving customers on their own to procure a Quick Charge 4.0 adapter to take advantage of its power management functions. That said, 3,500mAh is a respectable power pack to have on paper — we’ve got a review to do, so stay tuned.

Android Headlines notes that HTC did have at least one phone compatible with Qi: the Droid DNA.


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