No Smart Glow on Galaxy Note 7 renders?

When you think of the Galaxy Note 7 at this point in the rumor cycle, you’re probably thinking of an iris scanner. It’s been talked about and pictures keep saying that it’s there. How about a curved screen? It’s the only screen for it. And these apparent design renders that GSMArena picked up don’t change much a mind about whether or not those features will be there.

A superficial look and we can already tell of an extra port at the top of the device for that iris scanner and a clearly double-curved screen. There is one slight variation on the screen size in that we’ve been hearing 5.7 inches and here we’re supposedly talking about 5.8 inches. It’s pretty much the same quad HD AMOLED ballpark here.



But there have also been rumors of a Smart Glow notification system that would encircle the rear camera module with LEDs. Wasn’t that supposed to be on the Note 7, too? Well, not in these renders.


It’s the same old coming to light: a squircle camera port alongside a module for flash LEDs and heart rate sensors. No real call-outs on Smart Glow here. Maybe it isn’t really worth the demarcation on the design? After all, the feature was pointed out in leaked manual material entirely as a “point-out” and not corresponding to drawn black lines.

Maybe we’re just making too big a deal of these renders.

Oh well. If it doesn’t show up here, perhaps we’re really in for a light show on the Galaxy S8, huh?

Source: GSMArena

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