Health tracking tech company Fitbit has purchased smartwatch company Pebble.

That leaves the latter gutted of its staff and intangibles while those who have backed the Pebble Time 2 smartwatch are being left with refunds. Pebble Core and Pebble Time Round backers will also receive their money back instead of units. Imbursements should come starting December 16 and the process may take until March 2017 to complete.

The company has announced that all of the Pebble 2 Kickstarter perks have been fulfilled and no further Pebble 2 purchases will be fulfilled. Refunds requested from before December 7 will be given out. Pebble purchases from retail are subject to each store’s particular return policy. Warranties have been invalidated.

If you own a Pebble device, the software and/or service functionality of it may be reduced in the future. However, they will operate as they have been for now.

The startup has ended all of its business operations and is in the process of winding down and fulfilling refunds. More details on peripherals and currency exchanges may be found on the Pebble 2/Time 2/Core’s Kickstarter page and on Pebble’s blog post.

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