For much of the time we were fielding rumors leading up to the launch of the Galaxy S5, we heard talk about Samsung’s supposed plan to deliver two versions of the phone: one, a “regular” edition with a 1080p display (so ultimately, the GS5 we got), and another more “premium” model, with an even higher-res quad HD panel and possible metal construction. When that premium GS5 failed to surface, some of us started wondering if its launch still might be happening a little later on – much like it took Samsung a few months last year to follow the GS4 up with those Active, Zoom, and other models. Sadly, that doesn’t sound like it will be the case, with Samsung CEO J.K. Shin denying the premium GS5 rumor.

Shin calls reports of the phone’s existence “wrong” and asserts that there’s “no such thing” Samsung’s working on. Instead, he points to this fall and the launch of the next Note phablet as what we should be looking forward to, if we’re after some more “premium” level hardware

That’s disappointing, but could there also be a possibility that Shin’s just being quite careful with his words here – that there might not be a “premium GS5” per se, but what if it arrives as something else, like those Galaxy F rumors that just won’t seem to go away? Or as the Galaxy Prime? Honestly, that might be a stretch, and we’re inclined to take the spirit of these comments to heart. Metal and 2K will have to wait.

Source: Kbench (Google Translate)
Via: GSM Arena

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