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Bigger and smaller numbers in store for HMD Global, but no Nokia 4

By Jules Wang July 5, 2017, 12:32 am

HMD Global is already having a difficult go at shipping its first Nokia smartphones across the world, so at this point, we’re wondering how long it will take before upper-end Nokia 7, Nokia 8 or even Nokia 9 devices come out of the woodwork.

Well, there’s no help from an Mobiili.fi article featuring some answers from HMD marketing director Pekka Rantala. While we are told to expect devices up and down the single-digit range like a Nokia 2 or Nokia 8, it seems that one thing’s for sure: there won’t be a Nokia 4 — the number lends itself to be a homophone for “death” in many Asian languages and considering that the maiden Nokia 6 launched first in China, we should know that the Far East is a priority for Finland.

Granted, the article we’re sourcing is from June (it seems that it hasn’t gotten quite the pick-up on first blush), but at least the company hasn’t committed to specific dates… you know, unlike with its current phones.

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