Yesterday, Windows smartphones users got what they’d been looking forward to for months, as Microsoft started making available Windows 10 Mobile updates for their existing Windows Phone 8.1 models. It was good news … at first, but then we started asking questions about the phones we didn’t yet see updates for, and the more we asked, the less we liked the answers. We just told you about how Microsoft cleared up the situation about what was happening with 512MB RAM phones – and how despite Insider Previews being available for such models, Microsoft decided not to move forward with update plans. Now we’ve got some more bad news for those of you still hoping to see an update land for your phone: yesterday’s list of compatible models is complete, and no further smartphones will be added to it.

In an unambiguous tweet, Microsoft spells out that the phones on the update list are the only ones that will be getting Windows 10 Mobile: “There are no plans for a second wave.”

The list of devices not receiving updates includes models like the Lumia 1020, with its solid 2GB of RAM, or the Lumia 1320, with a seemingly sufficient 1GB; Microsoft is clearly considering much more than available system memory when making its upgrade decisions.

While Microsoft doesn’t feel compelled to release a detailed explanation of why each and every phone was rejected for a public W10M update, the company’s Gabriel Aul offers a general explanation, suggesting that phones that didn’t make the cut simply had too many performance issues and fewer votes of confidence in their W10M prowess from users.

Knowing all we do now, are you feeling a bit let down by Microsoft’s Windows 10 update performance? We went from a list of 35 models in the Insider Preview program as of earlier this year to just 18 ultimately tapped for public upgrades. Are you pleased that Microsoft put an emphasis on performance standards, or could it have done more to make W10M more friendly for older hardware?

Source: Microsoft (Twitter)
Via: MSPoweruser

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