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Apple has taken some questionable decisions over the past years that have left us without the audio jack, Touch ID sensor in its devices or it has throttled the speed of their older iPhone models to “conserve the battery and make them last longer”. These decisions clearly want to make consumers buy wireless earphones like the AirPods, and if I’m not mistaken we will soon lose charging ports to use wireless charging only. In any case, we now know that the company will stop giving iPhone sale reports, but the reasons are not clear.

We have heard some rumors that might explain why Apple has taken the decision to stop giving exact numbers for their device sales, and here they are. Some believe that it’s because of the growth of the Chinese smartphone market and the competition that comes with it. Samsung has also felt the pressure and it has shown in its sales reports. Other reason might be that Apple doesn’t want investors and customers to keep on waiting for another successful 2015 when the company reached 231.22 million units sold. Apple may be predicting lower iPhone sales in the future, that’s why they also increased the prices of their devices to keep their revenues steady.

Maybe iPhone sales decline over time, or maybe Cupertino has something to hide. At least that’s what it feels like. Only time will tell.

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