Report: no European nation has banned Huawei

Despite several conflicting bits of information over the past couple of months, Bloomberg reports that no European nation has banned Huawei. The Chinese tech-giant is under heavy scrutiny over “national security” allegations started by the United States, claiming Beijing’s involvement with the company and its alleged access to sensitive data.

Huawei has constantly denied these allegations and even sued the U.S. over banning its equipment. However, in Europe, despite pressure from the United States, Bloomberg reports that not a single nation has banned Huawei.

The reason is simple: Huawei is the world leader in 5G, the ultra-fast wireless technology Europe’s leaders hope will fuel the growth of a data-based economy.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is on a tour in Europe and is expected to talk, among many other things, about the Huawei situation, which will most probably further secure its position despite President Trump’s attempts. European leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel are taking strong positions. Merkel said she doesn’t believe a company should be excluded “simply because it’s from a certain country”.

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