The painful truth: No Google Assistant support for Android tablets, at least not yet

Just when it seemed like Android slates could start mounting an improbable comeback led by the productive, powerful but pricey Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, Google decided to remind us it no longer cares about 7 inch+ devices… for some reason.

The search giant’s own Pixel C is effectively dead, with a sequel or spin-off of sorts always feeling unlikely, and now adding insult to injury, we’re told the Google Assistant “will be available on Android Marshmallow and Nougat phones with Google Play Services”, which we already knew, but shocker, “this does not include tablets.”

Not one of them? Never? And most importantly, how come? Questions abound, though for the time being, we have nothing further to share as far as this glaring and, frankly, inexplicable omission is concerned.

Hopefully, at least some Android tablets will get official Google Assistant support down the line. The aforementioned Galaxy Tab S3 and Pixel C shouldn’t miss out if any sort of limited rollout eventually takes place, alongside existing and future Nougat supporters, at the very least.

Then again, as Chromebooks slowly break into the mainstream PC world, improving their mobility and versatility in the process, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if Big G indeed leaves Android tabs completely behind. You’ve been warned.

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