Oh, Sprint, how you confound us! Yesterday we looked at the carrier’s page for the Samsung Epic 4G, noting that it had been updated to now show the phone as shipping with Android 2.3 Gingerbread installed. That sounded promising, since we were expecting the OTA update to arrive later this month, but apparently it’s all a big misunderstanding. Android Central reached out to Sprint for clarification, and the carrier responded that the Epic 4G is still shipping with Froyo.

So what gives, Sprint? If you go to the Epic 4G’s page today, it still shows Android 2.3; if this was a typo, and the carrier is now aware of it, then why hasn’t it been corrected? More to the point, why is someone editing the database info used to generate this page in the first place? Specs just don’t change on their own after a smartphone’s released, so wouldn’t you see to it that this information is protected from casual edits?

It seems to us that the Epic 4G will start both shipping with Gingerbread and receiving Gingerbread updates OTA in the very near future, and that Sprint for some reason is sticking with this “something’s messed up” explanation for the next few days, rather than mess around any further with the Epic 4G’s page. Either that, or there are just some really lousy employees manning the web server; we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Source: Android Central

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