Earlier this week, we heard a rumor about the launch of Motorola’s follow-up to the Droid RAZR, the Droid RAZR HD. This information claimed that the RAZR HD, as well as the high-battery-capacity RAZR Maxx HD were on-track for an October release. That was interesting, because while we’ve seen more than a few pics that appear to show off the RAZR HD, we’ve yet to see any evidence for a Maxx version of this new handset. Sure enough, now a follow-up rumor is saying that there won’t be anything like the Maxx this time around, and all we’ll get the main RAZR HD.

While the original RAZR has a battery capacity of 1780mAh and the Maxx bumped that up to 3300mAh, the new RAZR HD will sort of split the difference and go with a 2530mAh component. That actually doesn’t sound like so bad of a compromise, at least as long as it’s able to hold up to a full day of use.

This new rumor reiterates claims of an eight-megapixel main camera, rather than the 13-megapixel sensor that had been suggested as a possibility earlier in the year. It also mentions the S4 SoC we’ve heard about before, and says that there will be microSD expansion, though the total amount of integrated storage isn’t yet known. Expect a 4.6-inch 720p display using Motorola’s ColorBoost technology.

Even if that previous rumor was off about the Maxx, the RAZR HD is still supposedly on-target for a release sometime in late October, or possible early November.

Will you be disappointed not to see a 3000mAh+ battery available this time around, or could you live with the middle-ground solution rumored here?

Source: phoneArena
Via: GSM Arena

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