The complimentary Lightning-to-3.5mm headphone jack adapter that has been boxed with the flagship iPhones of the past two years will no longer be complimentary, according to one investment firm.

MacRumors has obtained a research note from Barclays expressing a likelihood of “no dongle this year” bundled with new model iPhone purchases. This outlook on the dongle has been around since last April, when the same bank forecast that it would stay for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X but that it “goes away at some point, potentially in the 2018 model.”

The biggest indicator would come from Cirrus Logic as it supplies parts for the dongle. It will likely hint to investors what it generally expects to do in official forecasts, but if it doesn’t expect a big swell of orders in the next couple of months, consumers may expect to purchase an adapter at the price of $9. If users happen to upgrade from their iPhone 7 or newer product, they may retain their dongle for use on a new phone this year.

Bluetooth accessories, be it a pair of AirPods or a Beats product or equipment from some other manufacturer, are growing in popularity. Apple may also want to seed some growth for Lightning headphone makers. How Apple considers this factor in its dongle deliberations may determine what will go into an iPhone box in 2018.

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