No curved screen for Galaxy S 5, unnamed sources claim

We will see more and more rumors regarding Samsung’s next flagship, as we’re getting closer and closer to the company’s yearly launch window. We’ve recently heard about the possibility of a 2K screen — coupled with iris scanning as a security feature — and now we’re hearing unnamed sources say there will be no curved screen for Galaxy S 5.

The information comes from sources quoted by the Korea Herald, saying “Samsung is highly unlikely to adopt Youm”, a curved screen type, due to insufficient production capacity. Samsung’s first attempt at a curved display on a phone to recently prove the concept was the Galaxy Round, which had a curvature from side to side, unlike the LG G Flex, which displayed one from top to bottom.

Analysts are also weighing in on the matter, like Kim Jong-hyun from Seoul-based Eugene Investment & Securities: “The current capacity for flexible panels is not high enough for the Galaxy S5, which will be rolled out early next year. Curved ones will be unveiled late next year as a Galaxy variant rather than as a flagship model.”

If this information turns out to become reality, Samsung will not lose the curved screen battle to Apple, as the iPhone 6 is not expected to ship with a curved display either (for the simple fact that currently only LG and Samsung can produce these panels, and they can’t meet their own demands).

Source: Korea Herald

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