No curved OLED screen for LG G6, Korean media reports

It’s a little silly to talk about the cancellation of certain internal development plans for next-gen Android flagship phones when said intentions were never officially confirmed. They weren’t even rumored, or at least no such gossip made the headlines on the Western Hemisphere.

Over in LG’s homeland, insiders apparently spoke of a possible dual-curved G6 to follow the suit of numerous Samsung devices already while preceding the late 2017 iPhone 8 (7s?) on the “edgy” bandwagon.

That’s no longer the case, it seems, as the down-on-its-luck Korean OEM stumbled into “supply issues”, according to local press, also pushing back the commercial rollout of an innovative high-speed resonant wireless charging feature.

Worse yet, the likely still modular LG G6 may not be able to adopt a new all-metal look with some sort of a “glass cover” either, this one due to “cost issues”, requiring a last-minute design change that we’re afraid means the G5 will probably be rehashed. And we don’t need to reiterate the lack of mainstream appeal of the company’s first modular experiment.

Ironically, while the LG G6 could arrive in stores too early for in-house curved OLED displays to be ready to rumble, the iPhone 8’s release timing sounds perfect. Let’s wait and see if Apple will feel comfortable picking up an unproven screen though.

Source: ChosunBiz
Via: ZDNet

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