Nintendo Switch reportedly sports 6.2-inch touchscreen, more official details coming January 12

After an excruciatingly long wait for both home and mobile gamers, Nintendo finally renamed the work-in-progress NX console as the Switch last week, also demonstrating the hybrid product’s key strengths.

This looks like an arguably ingenious, game-changing (pun definitely intended) gadget, although it clearly finds inspiration in past Nintendo releases such as the 3DS, as well as third-party portable gaming devices including the OUYA, original NVIDIA Shield and Shield Tablet.

What’s bound to be special about the Switch is hardware – software integration, which will get further detailed on January 12 (13 in Japan) at a dedicated Tokyo presentation, streamed live for the whole world to “experience the software for themselves.”

That’s when we expect recommended pricing to be confirmed too ahead of a March commercial rollout, and if previously credible tipsters are again to be trusted, multi-touch functionality will also be announced and showcased.

Apparently, there’s a 6.2-inch capacitive 720p display in tow if for some reason you’re not comfortable using those physical Joy-Con controllers on the go. Of course, you have to figure touchscreen capabilities are disabled when docking the Nintendo Switch system for living room sessions, though an IR sensor replication of sorts could also be in the pipeline.

So, yeah, you’re looking at a home console, portable gaming gadget and tablet-in-one (no voice call functions, presumably), which Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima wants to “allow everyone to come together to play a game” not only at home, but under a blue sky, on a plane, inside the car, and a bunch of other places. Oh, and it sounds like a “wider array” of accessories is planned in addition to the base Joy-Cons and optional Switch Pro Controller. Hype overload!

Sources: Twitter, EuroGamer, Bloomberg

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