Founded way back in 1889, initially focused on manufacturing Japanese playing cards, and ultimately reorganized as a video game company in the 1970s, Nintendo stubbornly refused to cater to smartphone gamers until just last year.

Well, technically, Miitomo came first in spring of 2016, but you could hardly call the social networking mobile app a game. Super Mario Run was a different beast altogether, and although the endless running game didn’t come close to the insane level of excitement generated by Niantic’s Pokemon Go at launch, it still became an instant hit.

Named Google Play’s most popular new Android game of 2017, as well as Apple’s US iOS App Store top-seller last year, Super Mario Run will be followed by Mario Kart Tour on unspecified mobile platforms “in the fiscal year ending in March 2019.”

Nintendo made the somewhat surprising announcement on Twitter yesterday, merely revealing the upcoming game’s logo. The vague aforementioned release timeframe means Mario Kart Tour could see daylight on iOS and/or Android this April, next March or at some point between those two dates.

It’s worth pointing out that “Nintendo of America” says “a new mobile application is now in development”, which leaves the door open for a long overdue Legend of Zelda smartphone launch prior to Mario Kart Tour. After all, the latter is not explicitly described as Nintendo’s next mobile app.

For those who don’t know, the spin-off Mario Kart series inaugurated back in 1992 quickly became a best-selling franchise in its own right, crossing the 100 million milestone a while ago.

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