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Nintendo DS Windows Mobile from Toshiba

By Chuong Nguyen September 2, 2008, 12:12 am

Not quite the Nintendo DS, but dual-screen none the less. Toshiba is revamping its older dual-screen concept shown off at the IFA trade show last year (see video on the bottom), which utilizes a folding clamshell concept similar to Nintendo’s portable gaming DS console. This year at the IFA, Toshiba is revising its dual-screen strategy. WMExperts is posting a concept of the dual-screen in slider form factor, which is similar to the Touch Pro except you have a second screen instead of the landscape oriented QWERTY keyboard.

The concept is interesting in that you can have multiple applications for the second screen. One application of the second screen is to launch a second application–edit a Word document while emailing or instant messaging on the second screen. Another application or use for the second screen would be to use it as a dedicated input panel–perhaps as a soft input keyboard. Perhaps you can use the second screen to extend your display even.

While Toshiba hasn’t committed on bringing the concept to market, or even what applications or platforms the concept would support, it would be an innovative form factor for Windows Mobile. What would you use the second screen for? Would you find it practical or would you prefer to have a dedicated hardware keyboard slider like the one found on the Touch Pro instead?

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