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Nikkei: Apple stopped producing iPhones for 'several days' due to chip shortages

By Roland Udvarlaki December 8, 2021, 8:30 am
iPhone 13 Featured image Source: Pocketnow Video

According to a new report, Apple had to stop production for its iPhone and iPad lineup. It may have been the first time in over a decade that Apple was forced to stop production of its popular iPhone lineup. The assembly was halted for several days due to chip shortages, affecting production.

The report was posted by Nikkei Asia, and it says that Apple had to halt the iPhone production for several days due to chip shortages and missing components. Apple usually works overtime to meet demand during the holiday season, but it had to send workers home due to the limited amount of work.

A supply chain manager familiar with the situation told Nikkei that “​​Due to limited components and chips, it made no sense to work overtime on holidays and give extra pay for front-line workers [...] That has never happened before. The Chinese golden holiday in the past was always the most hustling time when all of the assemblers were gearing up for production.”


Apple also made some reductions to its overall annual projections earlier in October and in November, and the company no longer expected to ship an estimated 90 million iPhone 13 devices. Instead, the company reduced the production by 10 million units, and the latest news may mean that Apple may have reduced it even further due to the shortage.

Apple’s production of the iPhone 13 Series dropped by 20% in September and October, according to Nikkei. The iPad production dropped even more by 50%, since Apple prioritized iPhones over tablets, and some of the same components can be used in both devices. Older generations of iPhones also fell short 25%, and the situation hasn’t improved much for iPads and older iPhones by November.

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