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T-Mobile is charging a penny a minute for “out-of-plan” numbers

By Jules Wang October 23, 2016, 5:36 pm

Fact of telephony: it costs more for telephone companies to handle calls to conference rooms, chat lines and broadcast lines. In fact, some conference calls which have been routed through so-called “free” services might prove convenient to the arranger of the call, but the charge then gets planted with the carriers involved.

T-Mobile recently decided that it was paying too much to support these calls and has decided to defray them to its customers with a 1¢ per minute charge on them. The network has always considered them to be out-of-plan numbers that it was just covering the cost of, different than your run-of-the-mill personal or office number.

Most conference call lines put together by companies are properly paid for, so those likely won’t be affected. But to make sure, T-Mobile will flag calls with a warning about the charge and callers can hang up if they want to avoid it — though this move effectively puts a stumbling block in customers looking to enter sweepstakes on radio programs.

Call it a “nickel and dime (or penny)” fee, — why bother even charging it if costs that little to support it? — but every carrier has its fair share of them. Even the Un-carrier.

Source: T-Mobile, Reddit
Via: TmoNews

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