Earlier this week, rumors about Google’s follow-up to the Nexus 5 took a turn. We had already been talking about the idea of Motorola manufacturing this hardware, and after rumors bounced around the theory that we could be looking at a 5.9-inch phablet-sized handset, they settled back at a slightly more mainstream 5.2-inch screen size. But all of a sudden, it looked like we might not be getting the Nexus 6 we assumed would we be on the menu, and instead the phone would arrive as the Nexus X – a name we’d been tossing around a year prior in the lead-up to the release of the Moto X. Today we pick up some new Nexus X evidence from a retail source, as well as hear about possible preparation for the start of sales.

The screenshot below appears to come from French retailer Fnac, showing a listing for Motorola’s model XT1100 – a number we’ve already seen associated with the Nexus X. This 64GB listing joins a similar 32GB one uncovered a couple days prior. The only problem here is that this image is delivered to us alongside the warning that Fnac’s database may not be the most iron-clad around, and that hoaxsters could be able to modify or insert pages to display phones that don’t really exist.

That said, there’s a second source to this story, this time from Best Buy in the States. Reportedly, the store is already getting its employees’ schedules lined-up for an October Nexus X launch. Admittedly, that sounds a little odd – we’re used to such efforts for big devices like an iPhone, but past Nexus phones really haven’t seen a notable brick-and-mortar retail response. Instead, those sales have been driven by online orders, directly though the Play Store. But who knows, maybe Google’s planning something different this year, with a much larger retail push?


Source: TKTechNews
Via: BGR

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