What if instead of going straight to the forums whenever something cracks up in your phone you went to the manufacturer’s customer support line? Well, it’s a half-hour on hold, 10 minutes of telling someone at a call center all your information and then complaining about the problem and then they’ll ask you to go to this settings menu and press buttons and …

Yeah. Not cool.

Well, a source to Android Police is saying that with a Google Support app, new Nexus smartphone owners can share their screens and point out where the problem spots are. It’s likely that we’d be dealing with multiple communication mediums in addition to this screen sharing and, quite possibly, maybe on different devices, too, if things go awry on that main device.

A similar feature was in the works for Android Silver smartphones before that program poofed. And to be clear, the above image is a replication of what was seen by the outlet.

So, with all things being up in the air and deflatable, would you bite if you got your next Nexus? Cast your troubles away to a help center? Or start reply chains and debate with people?

Source: Android Police

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