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Google knows what it wants when it comes to Android hardware. It always could make those machines on its own, but it doesn’t as a favor to the manufacturers that it would be cannibalizing. Instead, those OEMs help Google execute its reference designs.

But something changed when Mountain View decided to make the Pixel C. The company put in direct orders to the factories. It made its own hardware. And it may be looking to make more.

At Re/code’s Code Conference, Google CEO Sundar Pichai told Walt Mossberg that the company’s Nexus platform is getting “more effort” poured in.

“You’ll see us put more thought into our Nexus devices going forward,” Pichai said.

What does that mean? You know, because “effort” and “thought” aren’t tangible.

Well, Pichai sticks to the soft line of “software innovations” for the most part but the company can also be “more opinionated about the design of the phones“, too. He makes clear that manufacturers still have the main part to play in fulfilling the Nexus product and that Google will dedicate its own-manufactured efforts to projects like Google Home and Chromecast.

Pichai also assures Mossberg that while revenues from Android haven’t been helping companies out, save for Samsung, the open platform is able to be carved to uniquely serve different geographies and that has led to some happy bottom lines for those regional players — for instance, Huawei.

Source: Re/code (Facebook Live – 20:39)

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