Nexus One vs. HTC HD2: Web Browsing (Rematch!!)

We recently compared the web browsing experience of the HTC HD2 with that of the Google Nexus One, to find that the Nexus One was overall a faster web browser, with the HTC HD2 holding its ground quite well on Opera Mobile 9.7. Many of you asked that we try the test again using a different web browser, and so we present you with the rematch. This time, it’s the Nexus One versus Skyfire on the HD2, which is the fastest web browser available for Windows Mobile. In sheer speed, guess who wins?

Update: For those not familiar, Skyfire uses server-side rendering to increase page load times. Why are we testing two different types of browsers? Because our readers requested it! If you want to see a standard browser comparison, go back and see Opera Mobile 9.7 on the HD2 versus the Nexus One.

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