Nexus One Made Official, What Will Be the Impact on Android?

Today the true Google phone, the Nexus One, becomes official. And there are no surprises (it’s got the same specs that were rumored) except that it’s coming to Verizon and Vodafone in the near future. As of now, you can buy the phone with free overnight shipping (and yes, that means you should get it tomorrow) from the new Google phone site for $180 on T-Mobile with a new two year contract, or $530 unlocked for use on any GSM carrier (though you’ll only get EDGE if you’re using the device on AT&T).

The tech world has been trying to understand why Google is releasing their own phone. Fears that a Google phone could overshadow hardware releases from other Android adopters like Motorola have been prevalent. It’s interesting to see how Google is positioning the device as stated in the press event.

Together with those partners, we have increased the rate of innovation. The volume variety of Android phones… have exceeded our expectations. But we want to do more and one of the questions we asked ourselves a long time ago was, ‘What if we worked even more closely with our partners to bring devices to the market that are going to help showcase very quickly the technology we’re working at on Google.

Ah, ok, so Google is doing a self-branded phone to act as an exhibition of the best Android experience possible as provided by their own software and hardware engineers.

Google could have made a revolutionary device with killer features, but not only would that push the price of the device to a prohibitively high level, but it would indeed harm its partners that are making other Android devices. The Nexus One is a perfect middle ground: it’s not ground breaking, but with a gorgeous form factor, cool voice features, a fast processor, and amazing display, it’s compelling and attention-getting. If anything, the Nexus One will call attention to the Android platform and give a boost to the other companies that make Android handsets.

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