This week’s been a pretty significant one for Android, as users get their first taste of the public non-dev-preview Android 5.0 Lollipop release in the form of the Nexus 9. We’ve seen Google update its online codebases with new Lollipop sources, as well as deliver factory images for some of this new 5.0-running hardware. But despite how hard we’ve been looking, there’s been nary a peep of Lollipop updates for existing Nexus devices – models like last year’s Nexus 5 and Nexus 7. There’s still no official news, but rumors now suggest that Google might have hit a small delay in getting those updates ready for release, as well as provide us a tentative ETA.

In a post on Google+, Android Police’s Artem Russakovskii shares some intel he’s received from one of his sources, claiming that Google was unable to finish hitting all the outstanding bugs in these updates in time for a release this week, and that instead we’d see the first of them start landing next Wednesday, November 12. Phandroid’s Derek Ross followed-up with confirmation that he’d heard the same thing from one of his own contacts, so while this isn’t officially confirmed, it seems to be a pretty popular rumor within Google’s ranks.

We still don’t know just what we might get next week – which Android 5.0 updates for which Nexus models would arrive in what order – but we’d sure suggest paying close attention on Wednesday if you’re itching for the opportunity to get Google’s latest system build on your Nexus device.

Source: Artem Russakovskii (Google+)
Via: BGR

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