You guys. Seriously. We’re very much used to seeing manufacturers in the mobile space drop some major discounts on their old gear; maybe the the next-gen flagship is about to drop, and last year’s model suddenly sees a big price cut. No surprises there. But for a company to deliver a price cut as big as half off, and on a product that only just now went up for sale? Un-friggin’-precedented. Which is why we’re so excited to share news with you today of HTC’s latest deal, selling the 16GB WiFi-only Nexus 9 for just under $200, fifty percent off what Google Play’s been asking for the tablet.

When you’re done breathing into that paper bag, here’s what’s going on: HTC’s getting an early start to holiday sales this year with a weekly “Hot Deal” offer, every Tuesday from now through the next nine weeks. The company will start the day off each week with a limited-quantity offer, and once stocks of that are gone, will switch back to an alternate deal.

Today’s limited-stock offer gets started now, at noon Eastern (5pm GMT), with HTC selling the 16GB Nexus 9 for nearly $200. We know, the 32GB model would have been even better to see on sale, but at these prices, how can we complain?

Once stocks are depleted, HTC falls back to $50 off the Nexus 9 – and this deal, at least, works on both the 16GB and 32GB models. Honestly, that’s a pretty stellar offer on its own, and its impact is really only tempered by the insane deal that precedes it. That discount runs through midnight Eastern (5am GMT).

For those of you saying “no” to this sale, please let us know how you were able to resist.

Update: It’s US-only; sorry Android fans abroad!

Update 2: Annnd they’re already gone. The $50 off deal remains through the end of the day. Better act faster next Tuesday!

Update 3: Well, crap. Even the $50 off deal is gone. Nexus 9 demand must be hard to stop.

Source: HTC

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