How overdue are we for a new Nexus tablet? After two straight years of summertime launches for the Nexus 7, 2014 has so far left us empty-handed. But to hear what rumors have been telling us, our Nexus fix could be just around the corner, with expectations that an HTC-made Nexus 9 could be lurking in the shadows, nearly ready to make its debut. The evidence surrounding this device has been steadily building up, most recently in the form of the discovery of an apparent keyboard case. But even if this Nexus 9 is on the way, when would it get here? Last month, we discussed the possibility of a release sometime before October 9, but now a new rumor suggest it could arrive slightly further out, with October 16 being put forward as the tablet’s launch date.

At least, that’s what MoDaCo‘s Paul O’Brien has heard from a source of his. Beyond the debut of the Nexus 9, we’d presumably also see Android L having its public release (and revealing its full name in the process).

What’s not yet clear is what an October 16 launch might mean for the start of Nexus 9 sales – an issue not helped by some of O’Brien’s tweets alternating between “announcement” and “launch” as if he intends the latter to mean “retail release.” At least the hardware details are consistent, with this tablet once again mentioned as an 8.9-incher.

There’s no word on our chances for also seeing a (Motorola-made?) Nexus phone at this launch event, so that one might be coming later this fall.

Source: Paul O’Brien 1,2 (Twitter)
Via: phoneArena

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