What’s next for Google’s tablet aspirations? We’re nearly a year removed from the launch of the second-gen Nexus 7, and it’s still uncertain where Google intends to go from here. Rumors have long talked about the possibilities of a Nexus 8 or Nexus 9, and while a fair amount of circumstantial evidence has accompanied those theories, it’s been notoriously difficult to talk with much certainty about the next Nexus tablet. That’s what makes this latest find all the more interesting, as it seems to state with crystal clarity that a Nexus 8 in in the cards – but should we be a bit critical of what it has to reveal?

Over the past couple weeks, we see multiple mentions of a “NEXUS8 PROTOTYPE TABLET” in India’s Zauba import logs. Normally this is a great resource for info on upcoming and in-testing hardware, as it often offers details on things like screen sizes and product names that are missing from other leaks. But this time, the data is surprisingly sparse – there’s not even a mention of a manufacturer, which is nearly always a part of this data.

Does that mean that this info isn’t to be trusted? Did some jokester declare his import like this just to stir up the rumor mill? That’s just speculation, but like we said: these entries are different from most.

Then again, both shipments originated from the US, rather than another nation in Asia, and the stated value works out to about $280, a little on the high end but still within range of what a Nexus tablet might sell for.

Ultimately, we’re not sure how much faith to place in this find. It has some trappings of legitimacy, but the whole thing seems almost too easy.

Source: Zauba
Via: Phandroid

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